Barry P. Sleckman, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at the UAB
Charity: V Foundation for Cancer Research

Dr. Barry Sleckman completed his MD and PhD (Immunology) at Harvard Medical School in 1990 followed by an internship and residency in Medicine and a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. In 1998, after completing a post-doctoral fellowship in Molecular Immunology at Harvard, Dr. Sleckman started his independent laboratory in the Department of Pathology and Immunology at the Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) in St. Louis.

In 2015 he moved to the Department of Pathology at Weill Cornell Medicine and in 2020 he moved to The University of Alabama at Birmingham to become the Director of the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center. His laboratory focuses on elucidating pathways required for immune system development and on understanding DNA damage responses, especially as they apply to cancer and the development of novel cancer therapeutics.

V Foundation for Cancer Research
The V Foundation for Cancer Research is a charitable organization founded in 1993 by ESPN and legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano. The foundation's mission is to raise funds to support cancer research and awareness, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for this devastating disease.

The V Foundation provides funding for a wide range of cancer research programs, from basic science to clinical research studies, and it has awarded millions in grants to date. The foundation is known for its commitment to advancing cancer research and its ability to bring together researchers, clinicians, and philanthropists to work towards a common goal. It is dedicated to carrying on Jim Valvano's legacy of perseverance, hope, and determination in the fight against cancer.

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