Kerri Walsh Jennings

Volleyball Player, Five time Olympian in Beach Volleyball.

Charity: p1440 Foundation

Kerri Walsh Jennings is a 5 time Olympian, 3 time Olympic gold medalist, 1 time bronze medalist in beach volleyball. She was a 4 time 1st Team All-American at Stanford University where her teams won 2 National Championships (‘96, ‘97) and finished runner-up in ‘99. Kerri transitioned to beach volleyball after the 2000 Olympic Games where her USA Volleyball team finished 4th. 

Jennings partnered up with Misty May-Treanor in 2001 and started the greatest run of excellence for any beach volleyball duo in history. Together, Jennings and May-Treanor won 3 consecutive World Championships and 3 Olympic Gold medals over an 11 year period. They accrued a truly incredible 112 match win streak which broke their own record of an 89 match win streak. They were excellent at raising the bar. 

Kerri is a very proud mother of 3 beautiful Babes and proud wife of Casey Jennings. Together, Kerri and Casey co-founded Platform 1440 & p1440 Foundation ( which is dedicated to inspiring, empowering and supporting our nations youth through the transformational power of sport - specifically volleyball. 

Kerri is part of the ownership group of the Pro Volleyball Federation team in San Diego and is constantly working toward bettering the opportunities within, and around, her sport for all stakeholders. 

Kerri Walsh Jennings officially retired from the Olympic pursuit in 2023 and looks forward to creating and living a beautiful life with her family, and to creating a new, and golden trajectory for herself, for youth sports and for her sport as a whole. 

p1440 Foundation

There are 1440 minutes in a day, and Kerri Walsh Jennings believes in living every moment. Therefore, she founded p1440 Foundation with the mission to unite, empower, and inspire through the transformative sport of beach volleyball. The vision is a world where beach volleyball is a vehicle for change. p1440 Foundation provides access to the game for youth in underserved communities with programming focused on volleyball basics and social and emotional learning skills. p1440 Foundation also works to strengthen opportunities for those within the sport at the youth, junior, and collegiate levels.

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